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Meet the NOSE

My name is Adaku , a lady whose family and friends figured early to have never gotten it wrong with fragrances.
I would go scent shopping during my vacation with friends and realized the scents I picked always did better than theirs when I got back home regardless of the brand or country produced. People started trusting my judgment when ever it came to scents as it never failed .
I set out Adlimnetscents to build amazing memories to spaces like yours knowing your challenge and values and working smartly to achieving them. It is the smile i see on your face at the end of every sales that drives me.
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Worldwide Shipping

We Ship within and outside Nigeria at quick pace.

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Best Quality

All our Products are top quality which makes them long lasting.

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Best Offers

Our prices are pocket friendly and very much affordable.

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Secure Payments

All payment method are of secured payment gateway and Debit/Credit card based.

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